Workshop Career Anchors (English)

Workshop Career Anchors (English)

Self-assessment: what motivates you?

And how does this relate to the job market

Career development is not just about gaining the skills and knowledge you need to move to your next position. It is also about continuously evaluating yourself to fulfil your long-term aspirations. To do this, you need to know what you want from your work. This workshop, based on Schein’s Career Anchors, supports you to find out why you like what you do, what makes a job enjoyable, interesting and motivating to you. Starting off with a questionnaire to figure out your anchor, followed by group discussions to identify positions and organisations on the job market that correspond to your needs.


Marijke Schobben

Keywords: connecting, motivating and good listener. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of Career counseling, and a specialist in the universiteit context, Marijke has a wealth of knowledge and heart for her field. She finds joy in helping people to get to know themselves better and find a career direction that is the right fit.

Saskia van Meurs

Saskia: Keywords: Empathetic, Creative and Open-Minded. Saskia is motivated by helping people to find a well-matched job to increase their quality of life and to find an optimal work-life balance. She is a career counselor for Euflex and specializes in personal development, branding, communication and job interviews.