Speedcoaching (English)

Speedcoaching (English)

Speed coaching: come get a taste of what coaching can offer

Would you like to reflect upon an aspect of your life, personality, values or career? This is your chance! In a speed coaching session, your coach will offer you an Exploration chart with different topics. Each of the topics consists of cards with stimulating coaching questions. Just pick a random card or select one of your liking and explore the question with your coach.

In our experience people find the session thought-provoking and inspiring. Even a short coaching session can change your perspective on matters. Just sign up and see you online!

Drs Marijke Schobben    &    Drs Saskia van Meurs    &   Drs Mariette van den Heuvel



Marijke Schobben

Keywords: connecting, motivating and good listener With more than 20 years of experience in the field of Career Counseling, and a specialist in the university context, Marijke has a wealth of knowledge and heart for her field. She finds joy in helping people to get to know themselves better and find a career direction that is the right fit.

Saskia Meurs

Keywords: Empathetic, Creative and Open-Minded Saskia is motivated by helping people to find a well-matched job to increase their quality of life and to find an optimal work-life balance. She is a career counselor for Euflex and specializes in personal development, branding, communication and job interviews.

Mariëtte van den Heuvel

Keywords: involved, analytical and sense of humor Mariette is inspired by working with people from all over the world and the variety of cultures, habits and backgrounds she encounters. She is a career counselor and psychologist and specializes in coaching, personal and career development and personality assessment.