Opening keynote: Working in an AI-future: who’s at the wheel? – Online (English)

Opening keynote: Working in an AI-future: who’s at the wheel? – Online (English)

Working in an Artificial Intelligence future: who’s at the wheel?

Automation seems to be sweeping through society relentlessly, creating new types of jobs. Will Artificial Intelligence create a next wave of job replacements, and unlike earlier waves create massive unemployment? Or will this unfounded fear once again not become reality, and will we find new jobs that have not yet been invented? What type of leadership will be required for such a new reality?

After a word of welcome by Robert-Jan Smits, Carlo van de Weijer will keynote on the trends and guidelines on how the future of work might look. How can you make sure you are still at the wheel of your own career, and if so, in which direction should you be steering?

We will wrap up this opening session with a short physical activity to get you activated.  Nkosi Matondo will show you how to find stability in body and mind. This will help you to eventually become more powerful in the way you approach your life and career.

The opening session will be hosted by Marle de Jonge.


Robert-Jan Smits

President of the Executive Board of TU/e

Carlo van de Weijer

Carlo van de Weijer has a long career in the automotive industry with a.o. executive positions at Siemens and TomTom. Currently he is director of EAISI (Eindhoven Artificial Intelligence Systems Institute) at Eindhoven University of Technology and Fellow for future of mobility and transport within the Deloitte Center for the Edge. He advices ministries and global industries on the future of mobility and is member of the supervisory board of several high-tech companies and start-ups.

Nkosi Matondo

Nkosi Matondo is a dance instructor at the Student Sports Center and is originally from Angola. Rhythm and music have been part of his life since he was born and dancing is his passion. He specializes mainly in the Urban Culture of dance related to Hiphop and the style he usually teaches is Housedance.

Marle de Jonge

Marle de Jonge is a program organizer and presenter. She has a background in neuroscience and science communication and works for TU/e’s Studium Generale. Here she organizes lectures, discussions and other activities at the interface of science and society.