Job Interview (English)

Job Interview (English)

Job interview – trainer Anne van der Velden

Making a good first impression is key during a job interview. During this workshop, you will learn how to present yourself well both verbally and non-verbally and how to deal with questions that might sound difficult at first. Moreover, you will become more aware of the behavioral interviewing technique that is often used in a job application procedure by practicing job interviews in subgroups.

Preparation: think about 3 personal successes, what are you proud of?


Suzanne Schram

My name is Suzanne Schram. After my studies in Groningen and Amsterdam (Msc Social Sciences), I started my career as a consultant at Randstad in The Hague. After living in Utrecht, I now live in Brabant. In 2013 I founded my own company as a coach and trainer in personal, professional and career development. I am passionate about helping professionals get into action by creating insight in themselves and make the right career choices.

Anne van der Velden

My name is Anne van der Velden. After earning my master’s degree in economics, my first job was at the economic development agency of this beautiful tech region, Brainport. An interesting, inspiring and dynamic environment where I learned a lot about the high tech sector and its challenge. Three years ago, it was time for my next step. Currently I work as career professional to support young professionals towards a career that gives them energy and satisfaction.