Drawing inspiration from a second job or extra task

Drawing inspiration from a second job or extra task

Do you enjoy variety in your work and life? Then you will surely find inspiration during this panel with:

  • Diana Heijnerman, secretary for the SPS group at Electrical Engineering and University Council member​.
  • Yves Houben, chain manager Teacher Support and Manager ESA at Mechanical Engineering and owner of a coffee workshop company.
  • Ingrid Vogels, former researcher, now a yoga teacher and learning and development specialist for the PROOF program.

Please read their full profiles below and sign up for your dose of inspiration! Find out how Diana, Yves, and Ingrid combine their diverse tasks and jobs, what they gain from it, and what difficulties they encountered. Marle de Jonge will moderate the discussion. The panels will be in English unless all of those present speak Dutch.


Diana Heijnerman - panel member

One day after an intake interview at Euflex in April 2009, I started working as a secretary at the SPS group (EE). First on a temporary basis, soon on a permanent contract. Learning how the university works at all levels made me decide to join the University Council in 2014 (after being elected, of course). 8 years dealing with financial budgets, teaching, research, real estate and very importantly all types of HR matters in the UC, are useful, even in my current job. In addition to my work in the Control Systems group, I have taken on the task of organizing BAC meetings for the EE department. Never a dull moment working at the TU/e!

Yves Houben - panel member

Yves Houben (35) is currently working as chain manager Teacher Support and Manager ESA Mechanical Engineering. Next to his TU/e roles he runs a coffee workshop company (Coffee Experiences) and is developer and trainer for several training companies. He is married, lives in Helmond and enjoys participating in Improv theater. After his TU/e Bachelor Mathematics he participated in the 3TU master Science education and communication. His employment at TU/e started in 2005 and it looks like he has a stamp card with departments and services, because he worked for: General Affairs, Communication Expertise Center, department M&CS and ME, and fulfilled roles for IMS, Real Estate and department IE&IS. During his TU/e career he led a nation wide STEM program for childcare and developed himself in serious games and the world of crime-fighting. These games vary from table-top to entire learning and development centers based on experience-based learning.

Ingrid Vogels - panel member

Ingrid Vogels has worked as a researcher for 25 years. Recently, she switched to the Learning and Development department at TU/e where she is responsible for the PROOF program that offers workshops and trainings on professional development for PhD candidates. Besides, she is a yoga teacher at YogaBest. The combination of these two very difference activities is what keeps her in balance.

Marle de Jonge - moderator

Marle de Jonge is a program organizer and presenter. She has a background in neuroscience and science communication and works for TU/e’s Studium Generale. Here she organizes lectures, discussions and other activities at the interface of science and society.