Driving towards a leadership role

Driving towards a leadership role

Are you interested in developing into a management role? Then you will surely find inspiration during this panel with:

  • ​Jan-Willem Schellekens, who went from junior project manager to the head of the department of Maintenance and deputy director of Real Estate.
  • Ludo van Meeuwen, who went from Manager Teacher Support to Program Manager Educational Innovations and Technologies.
  • Marjolein von Reth​, who went from HR advisor to team lead of HR Services​.

Please read their full profiles below and sign up for your dose of inspiration! Find out how Jan-Willem, Ludo, and Marjolein advanced to a management role, what they learned from it and what difficulties they encountered. Marle de Jonge will moderate the discussion. The panels will be in English unless all of those present speak Dutch.


Ludo van Meeuwen - panel member

Combining the power of people and IT is my passion. While studying HTI at TU/e, I also became a passionate sailing instructor. My PHD in educational sciences brought me the professionalization in educational sciences I needed to link the world of education with the world of IT. Digitalization of testing has been a vehicle for me to further specialize in the implementation of educational technologies (EdTech) and enable innovations in education. As a manager, it was great to experience the power of teamwork at a time when Corona needed to accelerate the digitization of TU/e education and testing. As Program Manager, it is now my job to further enable the TU/e education vision 2030 with the possibilities offered by technology (i.e. Learning Analytics and Digital Assessment).

Marjolein von Reth - panel member

My name is Marjolein von Reth. I studied psychology at Tilburg University. After having worked as an HR advisor for 18 years, I became the team lead of HR Services. My broad experience as an HR advisor is of great help in my current job. My main goal as a supervisor is to create conditions in which the team and the individual team members are able to perform optimally.

Jan-Willem Schellekens - panel member

Jan Willem started 10 years ago as a junior project manager. 6 Years later, in 2018 he became Head of Projects. Since April this year he is head of department of Maintenance and recently he became also deputy director of Real Estate.

Marle de Jonge - moderator

Marle de Jonge is a program organizer and presenter. She has a background in neuroscience and science communication and works for TU/e’s Studium Generale. Here she organizes lectures, discussions and other activities at the interface of science and society.