Drawing inspiration from outside TU/e

Drawing inspiration from outside TU/e

Are you interested to know how some TU/e colleagues have drawn experience from outside TU/e? Then you will surely find inspiration during this panel with:

  • Ellen de Greef – Daamen, who held various positions in (non-)profit organizations​ and is now a teacher educator within Learning and Development.
  • Moniek van Beest, who went from Manager ‘Vrouw Kind Centrum’ at the Catharina Hospital to Research Facility Manager at Biomedical Engineering.
  • Leo van Houten, who went from HR advisor at a manufacturing company to HR Services employee and is now HR advisor at CE&C.

Please read their full profiles below and sign up for your dose of inspiration! Find out how Ellen, Moniek, and Leo drew inspiration from their experiences outside TU/e. Marle de Jonge will moderate the discussion. The panels will be in English unless all of those present speak Dutch.


Ellen de Greef-Daamen - panel member

Ellen de Greef – Daamen (MSc Educational sciences) works as a teacher educator at TEACH (L&D/HRM), professionalizing teaching staff. In the previous years she fulfilled different educational roles like trainer, program manager and consultant, while working in non profit and profit organizations.

Moniek van Beest - panel member

Graduated in 1995 in Medical Biology at the University of Utrecht and obtained did my PhD in molecular biology at the lab of Prof. Hans Clevers in 2000. Two postdocs in medical oncology and cell physiology followed, after which I started as labmanager for the Laboratory of Cell and Tissue Engineering at the department of Biomedical Engineering in 2006. I specialized in biological safety as a biological safety officer in 2010 and combined these roles until 2018, when I became adjunct managing director of BmE. In 2020 I shortly acted as interim director until I left the TU/e to work as the manager of the Vrouw Kind Centrum of the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven. In February 2022, I returned to the TU/e as research facility manager of the department of BmE.

Leo van Houten - panel member

My name is Leo van Houten, 39 years old. Together with my family, wife and two children (0 and 2 years old), we live in Nuenen. I studied HRM in Eindhoven at the Fontys. In April 2011, I started working at TU/e as an HR Services employee until September 2017. Then I started as an HR Advisor at a manufacturing company. After 2 years, I was approached because there were HR Advisors position at the TU/e and was asked if I was interested. September 2019, I then started as an HR Advisor at the department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry.

Marle de Jonge - moderator

Marle de Jonge is a program organizer and presenter. She has a background in neuroscience and science communication and works for TU/e’s Studium Generale. Here she organizes lectures, discussions and other activities at the interface of science and society.