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You can contact a session presenter via the LinkedIn link provided on the profile page of the presenter. To find this, click on the name of the presenter underneath their photo.

Yes there is a waiting list. Please register yourself for this list when you are interested in the session which is full. When a seat becomes available again or an extra session will be planned, you will be notified so you can register. The rule in this case will be first come, first served.

If you can’t attend a session you have signed up for, we strongly encourage you to cancel your session participation in a timely manner -preferably at least a week in advance- so that another colleague can take your place. We appreciate this! You can de-register yourself on your profile page.
Please remember, these sessions have a limited capacity. The trainer has prepared the session specifically with your attendance in mind. Not showing up means missed opportunities for the group as a whole and lost time for the trainer. Of course, we count on you to avoid this negative impact.
You can view all your scheduled, upcoming sessions on your personal page “My Sessions”. You will have also received an email confirming your participation for each individual session with a Teams link, time and date.
During this event, we offer workshops, info sessions, opening and closing sessions, exploration sessions and speed coaching.
You are welcome to reserve one space per session for as many sessions as you wish. Please remember that space is limited and we count on your participation in your reserved sessions!
In order to welcome as many participants as possible to a session, we limit reservations to one place per person per session. It is therefore not permitted to reserve a spot for someone other than yourself. Thanks for your understanding!
You can manage your own reservations for your sessions in your personal profile page. You can sign up for a session up to one day in advance of the session. When you have to cancel your session participation, we strongly encourage you to do this in a timely manner -preferably at least a week in advance- so that another colleague can take your place. We appreciate this! You can de-register yourself on your profile page.


If your link doesn’t work, please contact dpo.trainingsupport@tue.nl immediately. For last-minute tech support to give you correct links, please call 040 247 2520.

After a session has concluded, you will still have temporary access to the Team.

Please contact dpo.trainingsupport@tue.nl immediately. For urgent tech support, please call 040 247 2520.

For general support, please contact dpo.trainingsupport@tue.nl. For technical issues regarding the website please contact info@avk.nl. For last-minute tech support, please call 040 247 2520.

To see the most recent version of the website, you may need to refresh the cache of your browser. Instructions for that can be found here: https://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/home/ If the problem persists also then, please notify us at: dpo.trainingsupport@tue.nl

Participation Guidelines

Some handy tips to make sure the live sessions are pleasant for everyone:

  • Enter a session with your camera on and microphone off and use the hand-raising button to ask a question
  • Arrive a few minutes early to a session in order to check your connection and to make sure that the session can start on time for everyone
  • Respect the cancellation procedure! Your attendance is critical for the success of the session since most of the groups are small! The session is prepared with your attendance in mind. If you, for unforseen circumstances, need to cancel your participation, you can de-register yourself on your profile page.
  • If your session requires a preparation assignment you are expected to complete this in advance of the session.
  • Personal information from other participants shared in the session is strictly confidential. Please respect the privacy of the other participants by not sharing this information outside of the session.

This event is open to all PhDs, PDEngs and Postdocs at the TU/e. If you feel that you should be able to participate in a session and do not belong to one of these categories, please contact dpo.trainingsupport@tue.nl for assistance.

The intention of this event is not to introduce participants to companies, but rather to orient them on the possibilities for their careers. This event does provide great networking opportunities with individuals working both inside and outside the TU/e, however! If you’d like to learn more about getting directly in touch with external technical companies, you can check out Wervingsdagen at wervingsdagen.nl/index.

AVG and Privacy

We follow stricy privacy guidelines when handling your information. Please read them here.

Your data is used solely to better understand the training needs and interests of different types of employee so we can improve our offerings in the future and, with your consent, to provide you with training information that is relevant for your professional interests. Your personal data is never shared and is handled in strict accordance with GDPR rules.

No. We do not share this information with your supervisor nor do we share personally connected data with anyone inside or outside the organization. This information is also not available to your supervisor upon his/her request unless we have your express permission to share it.