Challenge your limiting beliefs (English)

Challenge your limiting beliefs (English)

Do you know the feeling of being ‘stuck’, or lost in something? Do you have these typical situations you seem to keep running into, and do you feel you don’t know how to break through and really move forward? If so, your beliefs could be holding you back, and this workshop is for you! Together we will gain deeper insight to help you break through old patterns and find new ways forward!


Erik Roebroek

Erik graduated with his MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Eindhoven Universtity of Technology and started a promising career in industry, but somehow it never felt right. After spending years searching for alternative career options, he decided to pack up and travel the world to find answers. He realized the idea of work should be to contribute something more meaningful than simply making money. When he found he was not the only one struggling with this, he founded Meaningful Work to help people and organizations change the way we think about our careers.