Academic Transfer (English, only academic staff)

Academic Transfer (English, only academic staff)

Did you ever consider life beyond your PhD or postdoc in terms of career perspective? About 70% of all PhD’s and 80% of all postdocs need to explore career possibilities outside academia. But where do you start your search? How do you get in touch with organisations and sectors and how can you tell if you fit in or meet the criteria? We will present you the AcademicTransfer’s toolbox, supporting you on your career journey in research in the Netherlands.

A short teaser can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSgrLF283AI 



Simone Cremers

Simone is working as an Advisor Member Services Cooperative at AcademicTransfer, the Netherlands' top career platform for academics, researchers and scientists. All Dutch research universities, university medical centers and top research institutes are members of AcademicTransfer. In her job Simone is engaged and in close contact with these organisations, in order to help them with their recruitment needs. Establishing a long-term connection between candidates and organisations is the ultimate goal!