As a driver of change, are you also in charge of your own career? Get behind the wheel and join!

As a Postdoc, PhD candidate, EngD trainee or as professional staff (OBP), you are a valued member of our university that pushes the boundaries of science and technology for a better world. As a driver of change, are you also behind the wheel of your own career? To develop the career that suits you best, TU/e provides you with an extended opportunity to broaden your horizon and finetune your personal goals and ambitions.

We warmly invite you to take part in the brand-new Drive Your Career Event from November 7-18. From inspiring workshops to individual coaching sessions to exploration sessions and much more; this two-week-long hybrid event provides up-to-date insights into your professional value. Get behind the wheel: explore your future options and get the facts on career management that are relevant to you.

Please note: If you are a first-time visitor, you need to click the red LOGIN-button in the header to register for an account. After completing your registration, you can sign up for your choice of activities. Participation is at no cost and open to all Postdocs, PhD candidates, EngD trainees, and professional staff members (OBP). If a session is full, please sign up for the waiting list. As soon as a place becomes available, you will be notified. We also intend to offer extra sessions that fill up quickly, so keep an eye on the website. We look forward to welcoming you to one or more of the sessions!

TU/e staff about career paths

“I am curious by nature and always want to explore new directions, not only in science but also in my career. I think I always have a point on the horizon to aim for, but I try to keep my eyes wide open when heading towards that point. You don’t want to miss new opportunities that can be even more interesting and rewarding.”

Prof.dr. Paul Koenraad, Dean of the Graduate School
“Choose for what gives you most energy and for activities you like the most. In following steps, focus on where you can add most value. Do not think and plan too much, but start DOING and making decisions, even when uncertainty is high. Remember, failing is part of learning! And most important for whatever you go for: resilience and never give up is often necessary in order to succeed.”
Prof. Isabelle Reymen, Scientific Director TU/e Innovation Space and Chair of Design of Innovation Ecosystems ITEM Group

“We live in an exciting, but demanding era due to continuous change. These changes open new opportunities, but also make it harder to find and pursue a career that matches your interests and in which you fully can employ your skills. Make full use of the Career Event to get the best possible view on different career paths, to get to know yourself and become aware of what it takes to obtain your dream career!”

Dr. Alessandro Di Bucchianico, Graduate Program Director Industrial and Applied Mathematics
“The first question I ask applicants is: ‘What will you do ten years from now?” And I am pretty sure that many of the ones who give a clear answer find themselves in a totally different job than they imagined ten years down the road, but also in one which fits them even better than they ever expected. Planning your career is not about predicting your future, but it is about working on your strengths (and somewhat on your weaknesses), so that when opportunities come by, you are ready for them. For me this meant that after a 26-year international career in industry on the factory floor, and not in research, I got the offer for a professorship at this university. And that has brought totally different challenges, and lots of new fun.”
Dr. Ward Cottaar, Director School of Medical Physics and Engineering